5th Grade Science

Science is more than a body of knowledge. It's a way of thinking; a way of skeptically interrogating the Universe. -Carl Sagan  

5th Grade Science

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Brain pop Scientific Method
Matter Changes States
States of Matter
Measuring Matter

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Hunting for Properties: Crash Course Kids #9.1
Measurement Mystery: Crash Course Kids #9.2
What's Matter? - Crash Course Kids #3.1
What's My Property: Crash Course Kids #35.2

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Electricity PhysicalBootCamp_5.6B_AC.pptx
Light PhysicalBootCamp_5.6C_2014.pptx

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Think Central

Science Fusion Student Textbook

Use the ThinkCentral link below to access a digital copy of your science workbook. Be sure to select the correct state, district, and school. You can select "save my school" so that you only have to find it once. See the attached example. User Name: email address (firstname.lastname@student.nisdtx.org) Password: your ID number (ID number only, no initials)

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