Specials Classroom Management Plan

Special Area Classroom Management Plan

      This year all special area teachers will be using the same classroom management plan we implemented last year.  The goal of the plan is to provide more learning time for students.  Simplicity of the rules and familiarity of the expectations will create a fun and beneficial atmosphere for all students.


  1. Listen and Follow Directions
  2. Raise Your Hand
  3. Be Nice
  4. Take Care of Supplies

Consequences will be enforced on a daily basis with the exception of tallying timeouts.  Students receive one warning each day before receiving a 10 minute timeout (5 minutes for kindergarten) for an infraction of any of the rules.  Parents will be contacted after 2 timeouts in Art or Music and 4 timeouts in PE for that 6 weeks. 

  1. 1 Warning
  2. Time Out – 10 minutes (5 minutes for Kindergarten students)
  3. Parent Contact
    1. Art/Music – after 2 Time outs total per 6 weeks
    2. PE – after 4 Time outs total per 6 weeks

A student’s citizenship grade will be determined by their success in the plan.  All students start with a Satisfactory grade.  Parents will receive a phone call before that grade is dropped to a Needs Improvement.  The next timeout will drop the citizenship grade to an N.  If 4 timeouts  in Art or Music are acquired, or 7 in PE, in a single 6 week period, that student will receive a citizenship grade of Unsatisfactory.  Again, the parent will receive a phone call before going from an N to a U.

E – 0 Time Outs + consistent respectfulness, initiative, peer mentoring (none of this is teacher prompted)

S – 0-2 Time Outs in Art or Music; 0-4 Time Outs in PE (PE see students twice as much)

N – 3 Time Outs in Art or Music; 6 Time Outs in PE (parent will be contacted to notify)

U – 4 Time outs in Art or Music; 7 Time Outs in PE

Referrals – Referrals will be reserved for extreme behavioral issues, such as, but not limited to, physical altercations, threats, or other bulling behaviors. For grading purposes a referral will count as two time outs.


Please let us know if you have any questions.


Special Areas Team