Visiting the Counselor


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Student Request 
Students may request to come to my office by either filling out a form in Google Classroom or dropping a note in the mailbox outside of my office. Students may also ask their teacher if they may come. 
Teacher Request 
A student's teacher may request for the student to visit the counselor.
Parent Request
The student's parent(s) may request for the student to visit the counselor.
Counselor Request
The counselor may request for the student to visit the counselor. 
Friend Request
A student may request to bring a friend with them to visit the counselor.


At Granger Elementary, it is my job, as the school counselor to assist all students on an as-need basis. My main priority is to work with students so that they can be successful at school.  Seeing the counselor does not mean that there is a problem or you are in trouble. In fact, my office is a safe place to talk and work out problems that might arise during the school day. I am here to listen! Most often, I will visit with students 1-2 times based on request. If, however, there is a need to see a student more frequently or if they choose to participate in an on-going group (6-8 weeks), I will first request a signed parent permission letter. 

Parents and students, I am here to help!!
I am so excited to be back "home" at Granger!
Thanks so much for your support!
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