Helpful Links for Parents

Interpreting ITBS and CogAT Scores

Sylvia Rimm's Articles on Parenting Gifted Children

Topics include social skills, underachievement, and appropriate praise.
  • Bertie Kingore's G/T Checklist

    Bertie Kingore, G/T guru, describes G/T learners in comparison with high achievers and average learners.
  • List of Gifted Characteristics

    This list is from an Australian publisher, but is accurate and detailed.
  • Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted

    This organization deals with the special emotional characteristics of gifted learners.  There are articles, webinars, and suggested reading for parents and children.
  • Hoagies' Gifted

    This website has article databases, webinars, and reading lists for gifted learners and their parents.