PTA / Parent Teacher Association

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What Does PTA Do?

1) Organize fundraising events, such as Yee Haw Fest, Holiday Store and restaurant spirit nights, which allow us to do everything else that we do for the school.

2) Host events, like the Daddy/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Picnic, Watch DOGS Pizza Night, and Grandparents' Day, that connect our students, parents, staff and community.

3) Purchase wish list items for our school, including curriculum items for teachers, technology and various needs requested by the school. 

4) Build unity and spirit by purchasing items, like school t-shirts for every student, that would otherwise be purchased by Granger families.

5) Recognize and reward students through the PTA's Giddy Up award, honoring hard work, and an annual scholarship for KGE alums.

6) Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer. Did we mention volunteer?

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