Student Council Member Application

StuCo Applications Are Here: STUDENT COUNCIL LEADER (OFFICER) APPLICATION DUE: MONDAY, MAY 13 3:00PM Student Council leads the school in multiple service projects to benefit our school community and the larger community.  Meetings will be held generally on the first Wednesday of every month. Student council leaders/officers organize projects and motivate the whole council throughout the year. They speak to the group, lead a committee, and should have good communication skills with adults, as well.

Because of the independence and responsibility needed to complete these projects, not all applicants will be accepted.  Please read carefully the criteria to becoming a representative on the council.  After we receive the applications and teacher evaluations, we will score the essays and the students who have superior teacher evaluations and essays will be invited to become a representative.  Only the total will be made known to parents and students.

Forms to be completed:  

  • Teacher evaluations must be given to classroom teachers of the previous school year.  The teachers will return completed evaluations directly to Mrs. Espinoza, not the student.  

  • Essays should be neatly written on lined paper or typed.  Parents may assist their child to revise and edit their work, but ideas and original writing should be the work of the applicant.  

  • All applications must be completed and turned in to Mrs. Espinoza in the cafeteria in the mornings or to her classroom. Only paper copies of the application will be accepted.

We can hardly wait to see what fantastic leaders this year brings!!