Lego Robotics

Lego Robotics Club The Lego Robotics Club is a club for fourth and fifth grade students interested in creating, designing, and programming robots. We meet after school on Tuesdays until 3:55 beginning October - February. Students will use the engineering design process to complete a series of robot challenges as well as conceptualize and build their own robot invention.
To apply for the club, students will need to complete the application by 9/20/2019.
Lego Robotics 2019-2020 Club Application

Lego Robotics T-Shirt Voting Form

Lego Robotics Approved Club Members

Lego Robotics Club Members - Please complete the Lego Robotics General Information Form.  

Lego Robotics Inventions Google Slides Template -

Lego Robotics Inventions Slide Template 2

Lego Robotics Remote Learning

Lego Bingo Card

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