Dress Code

The District encourages students to be clean and well-groomed at all times. In order to assist the parent with the student’s dress and grooming, the specific criteria listed below was adopted. The following are minimum requirements regarding student dress and grooming.

Students of Northwest Independent School District…
1. Shall project a positive image.
2. Shall not disrupt, interfere with, disturb, or detract from an environment conducive to learning.
3. Shall not create a health or other hazard to the student’s safety or the safety of others.
4. Shall not display or refer casually or indirectly to alcohol or alcoholic products, drugs or drug paraphernalia, tobacco or tobacco products, profanity, violent, offensive or anything referring to sexuality.
5. Shall not wear caps, hats, headgear, bandannas, sweatbands, sunglasses, or any other distracting accessories when students are inside school buildings.
6. Shall wear shoes or sandals at all times. (House shoes are not considered proper footwear for school.)

Students shall wear appropriate shoes for physical education and recess every day. For the purposes of P.E. or recess: a) It is preferred that the student wear these shoes all day to avoid having to have two pairs of shoes at school. b) If students wear other shoes, they must not have metal tips or wheels. c) For safety, sandals must have a strap on the heel.
7. Shall not have inappropriate hairstyles that cause a disruption.
8. Shall not include sagging pants, trousers, or shorts that cause an abnormal gait or reveal underwear (must be worn at normal waist level). Pants must fit properly and must fit at the waist. Pants may not be over-sized. Pants need to be properly hemmed or cuffed. Students may be required to use an accessory, provided by campus, to ensure that pants are worn at normal waist level.
9. Shall wear dresses, jumpers, skirts, or shorts which must be mid-thigh in length or longer. When appropriate, students’ jumpers or dresses must be worn with shirts or blouses underneath.
10. Shall not wear the following without appropriate outer or under garments that meet dress code requirements: revealing apparel such as shirts tied at the waist or that expose the midriff; garments that are torn, ragged or “holey” above mid-thigh; tank tops that are not at least as wide as the shortest side (approximately 2”) of a student ID; spaghetti straps; cut-off T-shirts or clothing revealing shoulders; “low cut” tops; shirts open at the side; fishnet shirts; tube tops; or sheer or see-through clothing of any kind. Proper undergarments must be worn and covered by outer clothing.
11. Shall not wear clothing normally considered pajamas.
12. Shall not wear chains (including those attached to pants or billfolds), cords, ropes, or other items which could be used as weapons or are deemed a safety or health hazard.
For special events, defined by campus administration, specific dress requirements may be set. When there is a question on the dress or appearance of a student, the building administrator and school staff will use their discretion concerning the dress code. Students must honor the decision of the administrator in charge and make any dress and/or grooming change required. The student and/or his or her parents may then appeal the decision to the Superintendent or designee if they disagree with the decision.
2018-2019 DRESS CODE FOR ALL NISD STUDENTS (continued)
     If school administrators determine that revisions in the dress and grooming standards are necessary in order to avoid interference in the educational process, they may make such changes with proper notification to students and parents. Students will be required to change clothing to comply with the dress code if they arrive with inappropriate dress for school. Those who refuse to or cannot comply may be asked to return home or spend the remainder of the day in the special assignment classroom.

     For security, SECONDARY STUDENTS shall wear a school-issued student identification badge in a visible manner on or above the waist. To properly identify the individual to whom the badge belongs, the badge should clearly identify the campus name, student name, student photo, and barcode.

     In order to maintain a safe and orderly environment, all students shall be required to meet the minimum expectations of the dress and grooming code. Wearing apparel that unduly attracts the attention of other students often precipitates comments and/or other reactions that are disruptive. Safety, general health, and hygiene are factors that are also considered. The provisions of the dress and grooming code shall be enforced equally with regard to all students to whom the provisions apply. Students are expected to comply with the dress code at any school-related event or activity; school officials have the authority to ask students to leave if they are inappropriately dressed.

     In addition to the goals outlined above, a good way for a student to reflect a positive attitude toward school and education is to display proper dress and grooming. It is the responsibility of the parents and the students to ensure that attire worn to school meets District requirements. This dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, reduce loss of personal property, and teach respect for authority. It should promote the best possible environment for learning. Disruptive dress and grooming cause distractions among students and teachers, disrupting the learning atmosphere. Because of these and other factors, the student dress code will be enforced at all schools.